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How It Works

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1. Reach out

Contact us by phone or email for a ballpark estimate of your move

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2. Home survey

Conducted either in-person or virtually, we’ll take a look at your space and give you all the information about service details, final pricing, and scheduling

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3. Pack up

You can pack up the boxes yourself or we can do it for you

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4. We deliver

We’ll drive your belongings either to your new home or a storage unit facility

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5. We unload

Our team takes great care to make sure your belongings stay safe

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6. You enjoy your new home!

With our stress-free commercial moving solutions, you’ll be relaxing in your new home in no time

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving’s hard enough without dealing with unexpected costs, delays, and mishaps. Check out our San Antonio moving and storage FAQs for upfront answers to your most commonly-asked questions!

Cost of Service

Our team conducts a virtual or in-person home survey to deliver the service details and final pricing. 

Here are some price factors that may impact the final price: 

  • Third-party services  
  • Size of home
  • Miles being traveled
  • Short-term storage services

Check out our blog post here for more detailed information!

Each move is evaluated individually and priced based on the needs of the move. Only local moves are priced hourly. Reach out to your local branch for detailed hourly rates.

Check out our blog post here for more detailed information!

Moving Schedules
We recommend scheduling your move one month in advance. On average, we need at least 7-14 business days to schedule a move. During peak seasons, you’ll need to schedule more than 14 days in advance to secure your preferred date.

Check out our blog post here for more detailed information!

Each move is unique and the timing will depend on what is included in your service package. You can expect the process to take anywhere from 5-10 days.  Factors that may impact the timeline include things like load size, delivery window, and whether it’s a local, intra, or interstate move.

Check out our blog post here for more detailed information!

Process and Procedures

We give you a delivery window to help set the most accurate, reasonable expectations. The delivery window is created based on the weight of the shipment and how many miles it's being delivered.

Here are some factors that may impact the delivery window: 

  • An extra day for weekends and holidays 
  • Inclement weather 
  • Driver getting sick, truck breaking down, etc. 

These issues are very far and few between. We work our hardest to make sure your belongings are delivered on time. If anything delays the delivery window, the Coordinator will keep you updated.

Check out our blog  post here for more detailed information!

We never deliver the same day as closing on a new house to avoid this problem as much as possible. This is because many unexpected factors can delay the closing. Scobey does offer temporary storage if you need a safe space in a secure warehouse to store your belongings until closing.

Check out our blog post here for more detailed information!