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Avoid a DIY office move disaster — go stress-free with move management!

Holly is having the worst vacation EVER. 

She doesn’t vacation often, and planned the trip herself (who needs a travel agent?). However, it’s been one headache after another

She didn’t plan enough time between flights, and missed her connection. Her luggage headed off with her plane, while she had to sleep on airport chairs.

Once she arrived on the next available flight (WAY after midnight), she had to wait for the customer service office to open to get her unclaimed bags — another two hours. 

After all this, red-eyed and exhausted, she finally took a taxi to the site she’d planned to visit  — only to find out it’s closed for repairs. Seriously?!

You’re probably asking, “What does this frustrating travel story have to do with moving your office?” 

We’re not travel agents, but we are experts at helping people get to new places. And whether you’re traveling or moving —  logistics matter!

At Appleton, we understand that moving can be a hassle. Our move management services take the guesswork out of an office move, so your business can focus on what you do best!

The nitty gritty details

Like Holly’s woeful DIY vacation planning experience, an office move can turn into a disaster if the logistics are not carefully considered. But often, there are important details that businesses don’t even realize they need to coordinate

Like travel agents who know the ins and outs of the process, a move management company can help you know the right questions to ask, troubleshoot potential difficulties, and advise you how to prepare for the move. 

Moving your office is more than just emptying the space. 

Important steps like network cable removal, cleaning and repairs, and liquidating unneeded furniture are often not taken into account until the end of the process. This can add stress to an already stressful time — and lead to more downtime before your business is up and running again.

Instead of a stressful, frustrating headache, a moving company (like Appleton) can provide a streamlined and optimized office move for your business. 

But the key is communication — the earlier in the process that you consult with your move manager, the better!

What services does a move management company offer?

1. Consulting

At Appleton, we visit your office to get an accurate assessment of what your move will entail. We advise businesses on  what a typical move looks like and how to make sure the process aligns with their timeline and goals. 

A move manager can help you prepare by asking questions like:

  • Will your business shut down during the move? If so, how can we make sure the entire move is completed in a few days?
  • Are you phasing out over a couple weeks while you move? How can we ensure your business stays operational while you’re moving offices?

2. Logistics Coordination

Similar to planning out a trip, an office move is often a dance of logistics coordination. Challenges and variables can greatly affect the timeline and success of your move. 

Some logistical questions your move management company can help your coordinate include:

  • Does your current building allow access after hours?
  • Is there a building lock-down time in the evening?
  • Will moving trucks have access to a loading dock?
  • Will you have elevator access? Is there a freight elevator? Do you need to plan for shared elevator use?
  • What is the parking situation? Can moving trucks park next to the building?
  • Is disposal available onsite, or do you need to take trash and recyclables elsewhere?

And once you have a plan for moving out, the same questions go for the new location! Some buildings don’t allow moving in during business hours.

3. Fulfilling rental lease clauses

Rental leases can be tricky things. 

Sometimes, property holders include little clauses that have wide-reaching effects (and aren’t typical to most leases). 

We mentioned low-voltage cable removal earlier, but whatever the clause  — a business must make sure they “dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s” so they aren’t faced with fines or responsible for damages.

Appleton’s move management services can ensure that your move (and the terms of lease termination) are complete.

4. Phase planning

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Like Holly found out on her vacation, knowing details and making a plan are crucial for a good vacation office move.

Chances are good that moving offices is not something your business does frequently. Because of that, it’s easy to under- (or over-) estimate the time and manpower needed.

And if a business is phasing out of a location, careful planning is needed to make sure they can remain operational.

Appleton has been moving since 1981, and can leverage our move management experience to help your business accurately estimate the time, resources, and phasing of your office move. 

5. Office reconfigurations

Whether it’s an office decommission, updating your current space, or just moving locations, reconfiguring your office space can be complicated.

  • Maybe you need to reconfigure your office furniture to fit into your new space with similar square footage — but a different layout. 
  • You might need to downsize and use thoughtful space planning to make a new space functional (30 people in a 100 x 100 ft. space, anyone?).
  • Or maybe it’s just more practical to get new furniture for your new office — but what do you do with the pieces you have?

Appleton can consult with a business to take inventory of what they have, help supplement what’s needed, and help liquidate or recycle unneeded furniture.

The extra mile

We are a little biased, but we at Appleton are believers in hiring a professional. We have seen firsthand the difference that a careful, well-planned move can make for a business.

Many moving companies can get your office equipment to another location. But our team can go the extra mile to partner with your business by taking care of the planning, logistics, and phasing.

So don’t DIY your office move — consult the experts at Appleton for a seamless transition to your new office.

Are you wondering how Appleton’s move management services can help make your business’s office move stress-free? Contact us today to see if we’re the right mover for you!


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