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Benefits of Using Storage During a Residential Move

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Moving is a challenging endeavor that requires plenty of time and effort to execute properly. Coming up with a timeline, creating an inventory of your belongings, and packing room by room are just a few of the tasks that go into a typical residential moving project—along with many others.

One of the most common problems that homeowners encounter when moving is not having enough space in the new residence, or a discrepancy in move-out and move-in dates. In these situations and many more, renting a safe and secure storage space can be a lifesaver during a relocation project, and can give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your move.

A moving and storage company such as Scobey Moving & Storage can help you organize the logistics of your move by including secure, climate-controlled storage services for as long as you need them. If you’re planning on moving your household and hoping to make things easier on you and the rest of your family, this article will lay out some of the benefits of using storage during relocation—and how our storage services can help you have a more organized and successful moving experience.

Extra Temporary or Permanent Storage Space

As you pack and prepare your household items for your move, you might find it difficult to decide how to organize all your belongings into your new space. Instead of hurriedly packing and trying to fit everything into your new home, you can instead move some of your items into your storage unit during the move. Not only will this extra storage allow you to strategically place your household items by giving you enough space to move and work on, but will also allow you to decide if you actually want it in your home or just leave it in the storage facility.

Safeguard Belongings in Short or Long-Term Storage

When you move all your furniture, appliances, and household items altogether and try to fit everything in the moving truck, you run the risk of possible damage when the boxes shift while the truck is moving. It is recommended to keep bulky items, antique furniture, and awkwardly shaped cabinets or shelves in the storage facility because they take too much space in the vehicle. Short-term storage solutions are often a fantastic option for holding your items during the moving process and can keep you from having to make trip after trip with a moving truck.

Personalized Storage Features

Storage solutions for moving and storage companies can help ensure the safety of your belongings with 24/7 security monitoring and other important safety features. Depending on your needs, reputable storage facilities can offer units with custom features for storing your specialized items. For example, you can request a climate-controlled space to protect certain items from high or low temperatures and humidity, like artwork, sensitive electronics, or fine wines. Furthermore, because these storage facilities are fully insured, your belongings are legally protected.

Your Trusted Moving and Storage Company in Texas

If you are looking for a moving and storage company to provide a modern and secure climate-controlled storage facility, Scobey Moving & Storage is the company to call. Since 1913, we have been providing exceptional services for homeowners and corporate clients. Some of the reasonably priced storage options that you can choose from include:

  • Household Storage
  • Commercial Storage
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Specialized Storage

Whether you need short-term or long-term solutions, Scobey Moving & Storage can offer a customized solution according to your needs. Contact us today or fill out this online form to request for a free estimate.


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