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How Long Does It Take To Move?

How long does it take to move into a new house?

Congratulations! The sellers accepted your offer, and you’re going to move into your new home.

You can’t wait to start this new chapter, but what you’re probably NOT excited about… is the moving process.

The logistics. 

Preparing your family for the changes. 

Sorting through (and packing!) the years and years of belongings in your garage.

You likely have several weeks or a month before the big day, but how long does it take to move (realistically)?

We understand. Moving can feel stressful and overwhelming. And you might have questions about the moving timeline and process. Here at Central, we’re here to help you with answers to those questions.


How Long Does It Take To Move? Factors to Consider

Your move is unique, and your specific circumstances aren’t exactly like anyone else’s. 

But in general, the actual moving process takes between five and ten days from start to finish. We’ve put together a free, downloadable moving checklist that can help you work through the entire moving process (from two months before the move through moving day). 

There are several factors that can affect your moving timeline. 

1. Distance of the Move

How far are you moving? Will it be a local move? Or are you moving across the state, to another state, or internationally?

The distance that you’re moving affects your delivery window, or the range of dates when the moving partner is expected to deliver your belongings to your new home. The farther the distance, the longer the delivery window.

The delivery window begins the day we load your belongings onto the truck.

Check out this blog for more about the “whys” of delivery windows.

How long does it take to move (locally, interstate, or internationally)?

Your timeline will be specific to your move. But as an example:

  • A local move might have a delivery window of one to two days.
  • An interstate move of 500 miles might have a delivery window of two to seven days.
  • A 1,500-mile move across the USA might have a delivery window of four to eleven days.
  • An international move might have a delivery window of two to twelve weeks (depending on the destination, shipping, local customs clearance, and other factors).

2. Shipment Weight

Your moving timeline will also depend on your “load size,” or the volume or weight of the items that need to be transported from one location to another. A three-bedroom, two-bath home might have a load size of 10,000 pounds (approximately 150 boxes). This would take a professional mover (like Central) one day to load.

To get a quick, accurate (no-cost) quote for your move, all you need is a smartphone! Check out our free, no obligation Pre-Move Survey using virtual moving technology.


3. Packing 

At Central, we offer a full range of services — from full-service packing to DIY. Will the movers be packing your belongings? Or are you handling the packing yourself? 

Did you know that Central offers FREE packing boxes? Just fill out this form!

How long does it take to move if you’re using packing services? Our professional crew can pack 100-150 boxes per day, so if the load size were 10,000 pounds, we’d schedule one day for packing. If you are packing your own boxes, this won’t be factored into your timeline. 

4. Time of Year

The time of year that you’re moving also has an impact on your moving timeline. Peak moving season (when moving companies are in high demand) starts in the spring and ends in the fall. The holiday season is also a high-demand time

During peak season, sometimes our moving trucks will already be at capacity, and this can affect your timeline. But here at Central, we’re always ready to help you make your move. Even when our trucks are at capacity, we can arrange schedules or find alternate hauling solutions to schedule your move date.

A Moving Timeline To Fit Your Needs

At Central Transportation Systems, we understand that the moving process and timeline can be stressful. We’re here to handle the logistics and stress — so you can focus on starting this new chapter.

If you have questions about the moving timeline or are ready to schedule your move, we’d love to help. Get a free, no-obligation quote in seconds using our Pre-Move Survey, or call us to speak in person.


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