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Not Just Your Average Mover: A Full-Service Move Partnership Between Luxury Real Estate Agents and Professional Movers

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For both movers and real estate agents, moving is a big event in the life of our clients. They’ve worked with you (as an agent) to find a new property and sell their old house and are looking forward to a smooth start in their new home. You want to make sure your client has the best (lowest possible stress!) experience that they can and have all of their needs met. However, the logistics and challenges that come after the sale can make moving overwhelming for clients.

But when luxury real estate agents and professional movers work together, that synergy can create a VIP experience for the client.

And at Scobey/Central, we’ve seen firsthand how working together with real estate partners revolutionizes client experiences.


Leading the Way in a Full-Service Move Partnership

Imagine the ease of a move where we’ve anticipated a client’s every need and are ready with a tailor-made solution. When issues come up (like they always seem to!), the client knows that they have a team with the connections to quickly address their needs. When a real estate agent finds a professional moving partner for their referral network, their clients know that they can call us or you to get everything taken care of.

Does the client need a plumber? An electrician? A painter? 

Is a client selling a home and the water heater breaks? (Doesn’t that ALWAYS seem to happen?) 

When agents and professional movers work together, clients can feel confident knowing who to call to make sure all their needs are met.

In the realm of luxury real estate, it’s important to offer amazing service along with a personal touch. But there’s magic that happens when an agent can introduce their clients to a mover that mirrors their own dedication to excellence. 

A White-Glove, Full-Service Move

At Scobey/Central, we don’t just pack boxes and load trucks — we understand the intricacies and emotional nuances of the moving experience. We know that we’re not just moving items; we’re giving someone the peace of mind that their entire move will be handled with care.

A full-service move with Scobey/Central caters to the unique needs of each client, making sure they’re able to focus on their new beginning instead of worrying about the move. We can pack, load, transport, unpack, and set up a home so that all the client needs to settle in are their new keys.

For real estate agents, having a reliable mover in their referral network elevates the client experience, as it makes them into a rock star who’s able to find solutions to any challenge that comes up. 

Building a Reliable Referral Network 

We know that you (as a real estate agent) NEED to be able to trust the partners in your referral network. And from a referral standpoint, we take that responsibility very seriously.

Just like our commitment to provide the best full-service move to our clients, we’re here to support our real estate agent partners with the same level of reliability and dedication. We’re more than just a service provider; we work together with you to ensure our clients’ experiences are as seamless and positive as possible.

And with a century of experience, award-winning service, and professional membership organizations across the USA (and the globe!), you can always count on our team of professionals for a full-service move that meets (and exceeds) client expectations.

If you’re selling a home and a wall is accidentally dented, we know it’s our responsibility to fix it and make sure everything’s good to go.

When a client’s internet mover hasn’t met expectations (or maybe even failed to show up!), a professional mover like Scobey/Central can “save the world” for them. We can be there quickly to pick up the pieces and turn the experience around completely. Clients can have the relief of knowing they don’t need to worry; we’ll take care of everything. And giving people the ability to count on us is why we do what we do.

When a real estate agent is assembling a relocation network, it’s not just about finding a mover — it’s about finding someone who cares about a client’s needs as much as you do.


The Power of Synergy

In luxury real estate, a full-service move is all about a streamlined transition that enhances the client’s experience. And the synergy between a real estate agent and a professional full-service mover like Scobey/Central can give clients the confidence that they’re supported in every detail of their move. 

Are you a real estate agent looking to elevate your clients’ experiences? Call us today to find out if Scobey/Central could be the reliable moving partner you need in your referral network.


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