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Stressed out by the details? Let us handle your project from beginning to end!

Headache from moving

Arturo is ready to go ahead with remodeling his office. 

But where to even start? 

There are SO many steps in the process! There’s old equipment to haul off, shipping companies and warehouses to deal with, and delivery details to coordinate. 

And that’s before any of the new furniture is even assembled and installed!

Truth be told, he’s already stressed out — and hasn’t even started yet!

What if Arturo could have the entire process streamlined and expertly handled by one company? What if he could relax and let this company take care of everything — from the moment his order arrives at the warehouse until it’s installed and arranged in his office?

It’s not just a wistful “if only”… we call it Final Mile Delivery!

We know that the entire shipping/delivery process can be a marathon. But dealing with multiple companies, dealing with returns and damages, coordinating logistics and getting everything set up can be a HUGE undertaking!

That’s why Appleton offers Final Mile Delivery to provide seamless service from the warehouse to you, and to take stress out of the equation!

What is Appleton’s Final Mile Delivery service?

Final Mile Delivery is a service that streamlines the entire receiving, distribution, delivery and installation process. Some companies only deal with warehouse receiving, storage distribution, and delivery — and you need to hire a third party to complete the process. 

Appleton has the capacity to handle the entire project from beginning to end.

We’ve talked before about warehouse receiving and storage distribution, but here’s a quick recap:

Warehouse Receiving

Warehouse receiving is the part of the supply chain where shipments are received by a warehouse, and the items are accepted and inventoried so that they can be distributed.

Storage Distribution

Some facilities are called “cross-dock” warehouses. They function as a brief stop for cargo to change hands between the inbound carriers and outgoing transport vehicles. While they are warehouses, they don’t provide storage services.

Appleton’s warehouse is a storage distribution facility. We accept shipments, inventory and manage the items, and keep them in the warehouse until the logistics company needs them. This is very useful for clients who need to store their wares until they’re ready to deliver.

Final Mile Delivery

Our Final Mile Delivery service is a hybrid of these two! 

We receive items at the warehouse, take them where they need to go — and put everything where it belongs once it’s delivered!

So what does this service look like?

A great example of Final Mile Delivery is something we do in El Paso, Texas — installing furnished apartments. 

  • A logistics company sends us an “apartment kit” with the furnishings needed for the home. This kit contains all the furniture (bed frame, mattress, TV, nightstands, etc.) bedding, towels, pots and pans… the whole shebang!  
  • We receive this “apartment in a box” at our warehouse, inventory the contents, and store it until the apartment is ready to be furnished. 
  • We then deliver the shipment to the apartment that the company rented, and unbox, set up and install everything!

Build the bed frame? Check!

Mount the TV on the wall? Check!

Coordinate all the delivery details and dock scheduling requirements? Check!

Appleton’s Final Mile Delivery service ranges from receiving and delivering rolls of carpet for a contractor to install, to “white glove” service where items are assembled, inspected, transported, and reassembled at a site.

And if your business needs disposal services after the remodel, Appleton can take care of that too!

This all-inclusive service takes care off the entire process — so you don’t have to stress about any part!

How do you calculate Final Mile Delivery pricing?

Our Final Mile Delivery services differ based on what the customer needs and where we enter the process — so pricing can vary as well. 

Let’s say that an office needs 500 reams of paper a week. The office might choose to order it directly from the supplier, and have it sent to Appleton to be received and delivered. The pricing for this situation would likely be by the hour.

But…the office could choose to order the reams from their local copy machine business. This business’ logistics company would call Appleton to receive their whole paper shipment, store it in our warehouse— and have us distribute the paper to various customers on the dates they need. In this case, it would be a charge per pallet or by the hundredweight.

What are the challenges you face with Final Mile Delivery?

Like we mentioned earlier, Appleton can enter the supply line at different points in the process — which can bring challenges.

But Appleton has the experience and expertise to handle these challenges!

We specialize in taking care of details that could be a major headache if you’re not familiar with the process. Things such as after-hours building requirements, dock scheduling logistics, and installation guidelines are part of our regular repertoire.

While the challenges of receiving, delivering, and installation (and finding the right people for each step) can be a major undertaking, Appleton’s Final Mile Delivery service makes the process smooth and efficient.

Appleton has the capacity to handle your entire project from end to end — not just part of the process!

With you from the first (to the final!) mile

At Appleton, we understand that receiving, delivering, and installation projects can be a HUGE headache. Instead of dealing with the stress of multiple companies and logistics details, Appleton can handle it all!

We’d love to partner with you in your project — at whatever point in the process you need us!

From receiving your order to hanging the pictures in your office (and everything in between!), we’re with you from start to finish with our Final Mile Delivery.

Contact Appleton today to find out how we can take the stress out of the process for seamless service!


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