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What Happens if My Furniture Arrives Before I Get My New House Keys?

Movers working with delays in the moving timeline.

It’s the week before your move, and you’re thinking through all the hiccups that could happen in the process.


What if the seller backs out?

What if closing gets delayed, and I miss my delivery window?

What happens if the movers deliver my belongings before I can get into my new home?

We totally understand. Moving can feel overwhelming and filled with uncertainty.

But here at Central, we have over a century of handling these types of moving scenarios. Whatever happens, we’ve got your back!

When you choose Central as your moving partner, we’ll walk you through the entire process — so you know exactly what to expect when there are bumps in the road (like delayed closing or early delivery). Your move coordinator will be in communication with you throughout your moving timeline, so you’ll have all the information you need.

Knowing what to expect in some of these scenarios can give you some peace of mind. Let’s run through some moving timeline “hiccups” and how we’ve handled them in the past.

Moving Timeline: Will My Delivery Window Start on Closing Day?

As you’re working with your movers to create a moving timeline, you’ll receive a delivery window — a range of dates when your belongings will arrive at your new location. There are several factors that go into creating this range of days. Check out this post to learn more about delivery windows.

Closing day can be a (very) busy time, and a lot of things can happen to cause delays. Maybe the sale isn’t finalized until noon… instead of 9am. Maybe there’s a last-minute mishap, like a missing signature. Even something as small as a missing document can delay closing by several hours… or even days!

Because so much can happen, we never deliver on the same day as closing! 

So what might your moving timeline look like? Let’s say you close on your new house on the 15th. Your delivery window will begin on the 16th. By doing this, we can avoid any conflict with delivery in case of a delay with closing.

What Happens to My Moving Timeline if Closing Falls Through?

Here’s a scenario: You were supposed to close on the 15th, and the movers gave you a delivery window from the 16th through the 20th. Delivery was confirmed for the 16th, but there were last-minute issues with the title report. Now, closing has been delayed until the 19th.

What happens now?!

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Things like this happen (more often than you’d think!), and there’s no cause for alarm.

The answer to your specific situation will vary. But we will find a solution that works for your needs.

Depending on the driver’s schedule (if there’s another shipment on-board the truck or your shipment is the last, what his planned trip looks like, etc.), we can often work with clients to deliver the shipment after the new closing date.

But if a driver isn’t able to hold the shipment and needs to deliver on the confirmed date, Central will coordinate with you to make storage arrangements. We can put your shipment in storage with a local United agent until you get the keys to your new home, or we can look into mini storage options for you.


Whatever the situation, your moving coordinator will keep you in the loop about what’s happening and what to expect if anything changes in your moving timeline.

We’re Here for You Throughout Your Moving Timeline

Whatever happens during your moving timeline, the team at Central is here for you. We’ll quote the pricing and advise you of any additional charges — so there’s no surprise costs. If you have any questions (or want to learn about storage options), please contact us!

We know that the moving process can be stressful. But we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

Do you have questions about your moving timeline? Get in touch! Our team of professional movers would love to help make your moving experience as stress-free as possible.


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