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Moving to a big, light office after an office move.

10 Tips for a Seamless Office Move

We’ll just say it — moving can be complicated.  Coordinating logistics. Packing. Loading. Transporting furniture and technology. Keeping track of items. Unloading. Unpacking. Finding the best arrangement for items in your new space. And when you’re moving your office, you can add “minimizing disruptions to your operations,” “managing data and security,” and “helping employees adjust

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Loader in uniform holding box for long-distance moving.

How good questions = great long-distance moving solutions

What a mess. Sarah hired a moving company to help her move across the state.  She looked up long-distance moving companies, called the first one on the search results, and asked whether they had availability— but she found out the hard way that she should have asked *way* more questions. First, the movers showed up

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African American couple using cardboard boxes with commercial moving companies.

Top secret tips to a successful office move

It’s no secret that moving offices can be a huge pain… a challenging process. What CAN seem like confidential information are the secrets to making your move successful! We understand — there are just so many moving pieces and logistics to consider: And that’s before the first box is even packed! But…  (Read this in

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